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winter Attire

This will be updated pending final decisions for 2017.

Men's Attire


St. Mary’s Ryken Concert only

Black, long sleeved, collared dress shirt.  Shirt must button down the front.

Black dress pants, long (no jeans).  Plain black belt.

Black (shined) dress shoes (no athletic shoes).

Black socks.

Shirt to be tucked in at the waist for performance.

Care should be taken to ensure costume parts are black – not navy blue, grey or any other dark color.  


Musica men will wear Renaissance costumes for all other performances. 


Women's Attire

This will be updated pending final decisions for 2017.

For all concerts, except the DECEMBER 12th one, we will be wearing our madrigal garb. You are responsible for getting your own madrigal. If you have questions on where to purchase one, talk to a current member. You must have your madrigal for the first performance on Friday, November 26th. (This gives you about 2 months until our first performance) 


For the December 12th concert, we will be wearing Concert Black. Here are the rules:


Pants: All black (can be dress pants and a black top, skirt or dress - you pick - no black jeans)

Shirts: No sleeveless tops (If you have a sleeveless top, you must wear a black sweater/jacket overtop). No sequins, glitter, anything sparkly (it can be very distracting). No low-cut tops (Also VERY distracting).
Skirts/Dresses: Dresses and Skirts should come BELOW the knee. (People are coming to listen/watch us sing, let's not give them a different kind of show) If you wear a skirt or dress with you legs showing you must wear black opaque tights. No bare skin showing.

Shoes: Shoes should be all black. No sandals, tennis shoes, vans, flip flops or anything like that. Ultimately, you want shoes to be closed toe.

Pop of Color: Blake said we can add a pop of color but it should be either red or green. This option can be your jewelry, a scarf, tie, belt, pin, headband, etc. Just make sure that it's not too distracting.


Lets be adults here. If you wouldn't wear it to work, don't wear it to the concert.

Some members wear full-length black matte jersey dresses with varying necklines and sleeve lengths from Rivars. Two styles which have been popular the last couple of years are 1020CPL with a sweetheart neckline at $65 and 1200CAS with a square neckline for $60. We usually try to order together to save on shipping.

Accessories: For the spring concert, please accessorize conservatively and formally. Use soundless jewelry and scentless body products, please. Pearls (real or fake!) are the suggested jewelry. Sometimes we wear a pop of color for this concert.  That decision will be made by the group before the concert.

Practice Files

practice files for the Musica fall 2017 season are now available!  Here is the link.