St. Maries Minstrels


The Minstrels was first conceived of as an Ambassador Ensemble consisting of members from St. Maries Musica, and began informally in the Fall of 2012, when a request was made for a small group of singers from St. Maries Musica to provide musical entertainment for an evening event. Since that time the Minstrels adopted their title, St. Maries Minstrels, and extended their membership to 8 persons, all being current members of St. Maries Musica; 2 on each of the four voice parts: soprano, alto, tenor and bass.  Our repertoire focuses on more traditional choral music from Renaissance to Broadway show tunes.

The Minstrels make every effort to accept invitations extended to them, or to St. Maries Musica when the larger chorus cannot accommodate the request. The Minstrels have performed more than 26 concerts above and beyond their performances with the larger St. Maries Musica. “Outreach”  to enrich the lives of people in Southern Maryland Communities through music is part of the Mission of St. Maries Musica. The Minstrels are an extension of this “outreach”, and have included the public schools in their growing list of singing venues.

St. Maries Minstrels has a new director for the 2018 spring season.  Beth Lanier, currently an alto in St. Maries Musica, has agreed to take on responsibility for Minstrels.  Joe Richter, the Minstrels' Artistic Director since its beginning, has retired.  He will be greatly missed!


Current Members

Soprano          ALTO                   tenor          bass           

Cheryl Ceriale                               Heather Rardin                                   Mike Berkin                         Mike Judd   

Jacquelin Horn                             Beth Lanier                                                           

Interested in Joining?

 In the past, Minstrel membership was limited to current and past members of St. Maries Musica.  That has changed and Minstrels is open to any singer who would love to sing quality music but may not be able to commit to the rigorous concert schedule of St. Maries Musica.  Auditions are still required and we are currently auditioning all voice parts! If you are interested, please fill out the form below to contact the artistic director, Beth Lanier, to request an audition slot.   Auditions for the 2019 Fall Season will be held Thursday, August 15, 2019 at Leonardtown High School between 6;00 pm and 7:00 pm.

  1. Candidates are asked to come ready to sing one prepared song of their choice. An accompanist will be available to play for you.

  2. The audition will also include a vocalization section where the director will lead the singer in warm-ups to listen to his/her vocal range.

  3. The director will also conduct a pitch matching exercise.

  4. The singer will participate in a sight-reading exercise with the members of the audition committee.


Minstrels on a rehearsal break, Mill Creek in Southern Maryland.
St. Maries Minstrels in concert at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, January 2018 to celebrate 250th anniversary of the church.

St. Maries Minstrels in concert at St. Andrews Episcopal Church, January 2018 to celebrate 250th anniversary of the church.