Musica Audition FAQs

What are auditions like?

Auditioners will be required to do several warm-ups so the audition committee can determine vocal range, echo short melodic patterns, clap a rhythm, sight sing within a group, and sing a solo piece.

What kind of song should I audition with?

We ask that you come prepared to sing a song that you feel shows off your voice well.  It doesn’t have to be a big production piece or aria, something as simple as a hymn or even the national anthem will work just fine.

Who is on the audition committee?

The artistic director, the assistant director, the audition chair, and the section lead from each voice part (soprano, alto, tenor, bass).

When and where are auditions held?

Auditions take place between our two seasons, usually in December and sometime during the summer. They are usually held at Leonardtown High School, where our rehearsals take place. Once you submit an audition request our audition chair will contact you to set up an audition time.

What kind of singer is Musica looking for?

There are several vocal qualities we look for during auditions, including accuracy of pitch and rhythm, the ability to blend with other voices in an ensemble, and the ability to accurately sing from sight a voice part in a song not previously prepared. We are also interested in your musical training, previous ensemble experiences, previous solo experiences, and any pertinent related experiences.

When will I know the results of the audition? What if I don’t get invited to join?

The audition chair will contact you soon after your audition. If you are not invited to join Musica, we urge you to consider joining St. Maries Singers, our fun non-auditioned ensemble full of talented singers. We want to assure you that your audition is held in confidence within the audition committee.

Is memorization required?

Yes. Musica performs some pieces from memory and others from sheet music.

What do members wear?

In the fall we wear Renaissance style costumes and in the spring we wear formal choir dress. Members are required to obtain the Renaissance costume themselves, and a group order is put together for the spring dress. Each member is also required to purchase a St Maries Choral Arts t-shirt, which we wear for some performances and outreach programs.

How big is the group?

Currently there are about 40 singers in Musica. We do not have a formal cap on member numbers, but we do need to ensure that each voice part is balanced with the others. Because of this balance, members are occasionally asked to switch to other voice parts depending on what the ensemble needs at the time.

What kind of time commitment is there?

Musica rehearses every Monday from 7pm - 9:30pm. We take a summer break from around June through August. Members are expected to come to rehearsals note ready and memorization of some songs is required, so practice outside of rehearsal is essential. How many hours a singer needs to spend on practice outside of group rehearsal each week is an individual decision.

When do you rehearse and where?

We rehearse every Monday from 7pm - 9:30pm. We take a summer break from around June through August. Rehearsal is usually held at Leonardtown High School, but when the school is closed we move to Middleham Chapel & St Peter’s Parish in Lusby.

What is the concert schedule like?

We have two seasons, fall and spring. Each season is spent learning new music and that music is performed in about 5 to 10 concerts at the end of the season. We have performed in venues like the Blue Crabs Stadium, the Statehouse and the Reconstructed Chapel in Historic St. Mary’s City, local churches, high schools, and other places around the community.

Is there travel involved?

Usually our performances are local, but occasionally we get an opportunity to travel. Previously we have been invited to perform in places like the Maryland State House in Annapolis, the Masonic Temple in Alexandria, and the Mormon Temple outside of D.C.

What kind of songs do you sing?

Our artistic director sets a theme for each season and songs are chosen to fit that theme. Past seasons and songs have included Showstoppers with songs from popular shows like Masquerade, Jai Ho, and Aquarius;

What’s the personality of the group like? Will I fit in?

Musica is a fun group of serious musicians. We like to laugh and joke, but we work hard during rehearsals and keep socializing for outside of rehearsal and our break. Dedication, discipline, and desire are the core forces that drive Musica members.  We are dedicated in our attendance to rehearsals knowing the rehearsals are the key to giving amazing performances.  We show discipline and focus during rehearsals by coming prepared with music, studying parts ahead of time, marking scores, memorizing music, and working hard together to achieve our performance goals. We are supportive of each other and don’t have any “divas” or cliques.

Do you buy your own music?

Musica buys enough music for each member to have their own copy and lends it out for the season. Members are expected to take care of their music, mark in pencil, and return it at the end of each season.

Are there any fees or dues? What other costs are associated with being a member?

Members of Musica are required to pay a $75.00 fee each season. Singers are required to have a 1” black binder to hold their music, and we rotate bringing in small snacks for rehearsal break by voice section.

 Do members of Musica have responsibilities beyond rehearsals and concerts?

Many Musica members go above and beyond to help the organization by serving on a committee, helping to haul equipment, volunteering to be a section leader, assisting with publicity, or carrying out a myriad of other tasks and duties, however, there are no required outside responsibilities.