This manual describes the policy and procedures of the St. Maries Musica Student Internship Program that operates under St. Maries Choral Arts.

This manual is a guide for students, Musica members, and SMCA on the established policies for internship requirements and expectations.


Purpose of the Program

The purpose of the internship program is to provide a transitional singing experience from high school choral programs to collegiate and/or professional choral organizations.

During the internship, the student will participate and experience the practical application of community choral music making practices within a professional setting under the guidance, observation, and supervision of members of Musica, the Assistant Director of Musica, and the Director of Choral Activities.

As part of the internship experience, the Assistant Director of Musica and the Director of Choral Activities will evaluate the student singers on a semester basis.


Basic Objectives of the Internship program

1.    To provide the student with an opportunity to integrate community choral singing into his/her high school/post-high school educational experience.

2.    To provide the student with an opportunity to broaden his/her understanding of the choral art.

3.    To enable the student to realize his/her own strengths and weaknesses in choral music.

4.    To provide the student with an opportunity to gain experience in overall operational functions within a non-profit choral organization.

5.    To provide the student with experiences that will enable him/her to develop sound connections to the community.


Eligibility for Student Internship Experience

1.    Sophomore-Senior in high school or post-high school graduate whose primary function is student.

2.    High school students must have experience in Tri-County Chorus and/or All State Chorus and a positive recommendation from their choral teacher.

3.    Meet entrance expectations by completing both a preliminary and final audition.

4.    Continued positive participation with St. Maries Musica.


Responsibility of Student Interns

1.    Accept and assume full responsibility as a St. Maries Musica member.

2.    Accept the responsibility of attending weekly Monday night rehearsals and concerts throughout the season.

3.    Make necessary transportation arrangements.

4.    Attend an internship evaluation each semester.

Students interested in the Musica Internship must audition. The next Intern audition date will be after school starts in the fall. Check back here for the exact date.

Audition includes:

  1. Candidates are asked to come ready to sing one prepared song of their choice. An accompanist will be available to play for you.

  2. The audition will also include a vocalization section where the director will lead the singer in warm-ups to listen to his/her vocal range.

  3. The director will also conduct a pitch matching exercise.

  4. The singer will participate in a sight-reading exercise with the members of the audition committee.