ALL Singer members are asked to pay dues.

Singers members are asked to report absences as much in advance as possible. This helps the artistic director plan rehearsals and concerts.


practice tracks

The SMCA practice tracks for the SMCA 2019 Winter concert are now available.

A YouTube Play list for the SMCA selections are now available.

Singers Practice Tracks for the 2019 Winter concert are now available.

SMCA believes in being a presence at community events such as Leonardtown First Friday and River Concert Series. Please volunteer to assist at our Publicity Table to answer questions about the organization spread the word about the singing opportunities we offer. 


spring Attire

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.  Here are pictures of the new musica uniforms.  Payment is due to Kylie by Monday, February 1, 2019. Kylie will be placing the order February 4, 2019.

Men's Musica uniform Spring 2018

Men's Musica uniform Spring 2018

men's attire

The tie will be a long tie instead of a bow-tie.

Black dress pants, long (no jeans).  Plain black belt.

Black (shined) dress shoes (no athletic shoes).

Black socks.

Shirt to be tucked in at the waist for performance.

Musica men will wear Renaissance costumes for all other performances.


Women's Musica uniform spring 2018

Women's Musica uniform spring 2018

women's attire

Shoes: Shoes should be all black. No sandals, tennis shoes, vans, flip flops or anything like that. Ultimately, you want shoes to be closed toe. Please wear black opaque hose.